Uncharted N95 Masks (Box of 20)
Uncharted N95 Masks (Box of 20)

Uncharted N95 Masks (Box of 20)

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It’s become increasingly difficult to source quality air masks. The team at Uncharted has worked around the clock to source and procure masks WITH trusted certifications. We’re extremely proud to offer nearly 10,000 N95 and 15,000 KN95 air masks to our Uncharted Family. Masks and shipping costs have continued to increase almost daily, and the current price reflects the price we paid for each order.

In order to limit handling of masks, we are shipping our masks in the boxes we received from the manufacturers. 

iClean N95 Particulate Respirator: Box of 50. FDA certified. See certification below.  
NIOSH N95 Particulate Respirator: Box of 20. NIOSH approved.


The FDA recently approved use of KN95 air masks. It’s a less known fact that there are varying levels of KN95. The masks we have secured are 5-layer and the highest grade KN95 available. 

Dr. Mfyan kN95 Particulate Respirator: Pack of 1. FDA registered, CE certified. 
Daylead kN95 Particulate Respirator: Pack of 5. FDA certified.