Pet Safe Ice Melt
Pet Safe Ice Melt

Pet Safe Ice Melt

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Melt snow and ice in temperatures as low as -10°F with this this fast acting ice melt treatment. These magnesium chloride ice melt pellets are pet safe and generate exothermic heat over a short period of time. Comes in a 10 lb pail.

  • Can melt twice as much ice as rock salt in 21°F
  • Harvested from the Dead Sea, magnesium chloride ice melt has a notoriously low toxicity level making it less toxic than calcium, potassium or sodium chloride.
  • Pet Safe is highly unlikely to burn or irritate the skin or pets paws. Pet Safe won't harm plants or cause spalling on driveways and concrete that's been properly set and cured.
  • Because of its small, round pellet shape, Pet Safe can be used in various ice melt spreaders.