West/Southwest Bundle

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Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff 4-in-1 Tool
Shut off gas. Turn off water. Pry open doors. Dig stuff up. You got this.
100-Hour Emergency Candle
Elton John not included.
Aquamira Water Treatment
Better than bleach, thank ya please! Chlorine Dioxide kills bacteria in store...
Jundun Water and Fireproof Document Bags
Keep passports, documents, and electronics safe from fire and water.
Emergency 2 Way Radios
More than just for playing "war" around the neighborhood!
See a pond, stream, lake, or river? Suck it up and drink with this!
Emergency Blanket for Fire Suppression
Sold Out
SentrySafe Fire and Waterproof Safe
Can any of your important documents endure 30 minutes at 1550°F? Didn't think...
Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern
Hang it. Light it. Crush it. Use it with the power of the sun.
Refrigerator & Freezer Thermometer
Ice Cold Packs (3 Pack)
Ice, magically on demand.
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Want our advice? Check out this powerful device!
Disaster Relief Wool Blanket
Stay comfy. Stay warm. Stay insulated.
12-in-1 Multitool
Multi-cool. Multi-task. Multi-tool. Multi-you get the idea.
Paracord Fire Bracelet
Who needs diamond bracelets when you could have 550 parachute cord?
Emergency Food Rations
from $10.00
Calories. Galore.
First Alert Hardwired Dual Photoelectric/Ionized Smoke Detector
Why buy two different smoke alarms when you can just get this one?