Food & Water

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SOS 3600 Calorie Food Bars
Calories. Galore.
72-Hour Food Kit Sample Pack
Serving 3-day sustenance realness. And deliciousness.
Fruit, Veggie & Snack Mix
Mom's always-wise health advice freeze dried just for you.
1-Week Food Supply Can
Dinner reservation for now, or up to 25 years from now, whatever works for ya.
Orange Energy Drink Mix
Um, who needs a bull that's red when you've got this zesty orange magic!?
Powdered Whey Milk
Got last-on-your-shelf-for-30-years' Milk, anyone?
Lifestraw: See a pond, stream, lake, or river? Suck it up and drink with this!
Sold Out
LifeStraw Universal
Drink clean water + Spread good vibes to those in need = win win.
The LifeStraw Mission
4,700 gallons of clean water at a rate of 9-12 liters hour. Pay water forward...
Waterbrick Spigot
Access your stored drinking water easily and quickly.
Sold Out
Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Water Containers
No-nonsense. Trusted. Ergonomic. And very, very blue.
Aquamira Water Treatment
Better than bleach, thank ya please! Chlorine Dioxide kills bacteria in store...
Emergency Drinking Water Pouches
Water meet Pouch meet 5 year shelf life.
Water Carrier