Shelter & Warmth

Ultralight 2 Person Dome Tent
This tent is so fly it's got a removable rain fly.
Reversible Survival Blanket
Put your blanket down, flip it, and reverse it.
2 Person Survival Reflective Sleeping Bag
Sharing body heat is caring.
HeatStore Reflective Survival Sleeping Bag
Because crinkle sounds are almost worse than chewing sounds.
2 Person Weather Kit
Comes with a tube tent! (Not to be confused with a tube top.)
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Reusable Hand Warmers
Hot toes, hot hands, hot body. The perfect accompaniment to hot cocoa.
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Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag
Let's get bivy with it. The emergency sleeping bag for life's uncertain momen...
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100-Hour Emergency Candle
Elton John not included.