Home & Fire Safety

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder
If Rapunzel knew about this thing, she could have gotten a bob a loooong time...
Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff 4-in-1 Tool
Shut off gas. Turn off water. Pry open doors. Dig stuff up. You got this.
SentrySafe Fire and Waterproof Safe
Can any of your important documents endure 30 minutes at 1550°F? Didn't think...
Jundun Water and Fireproof Document Bags
Keep passports, documents, and electronics safe from fire and water.
First Alert Hardwired Dual Photoelectric/Ionized Smoke Detector
Why buy two different smoke alarms when you can just get this one?
First Alert Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm
Make them beep where you sleep!
Earthquake Sensitive Gas Shut-Off Valve
Gas and earthquakes should never mix. Does your home have one of these?
Vespa ABC Fire Extinguisher
If Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck ever designed a fire extinguisher together...
Blue Lobster ABC Fire Extinguisher
Perfect for every lobster dinner party when someone else is doing the cooking.
Pump ABC Fire Extinguisher
Pump up your decor. Keep your family safe.
Tequila ABC Fire Extinguisher
Built per the strictest CE norms and made from the highest quality materials,...
Emergency Blanket for Fire Suppression
QuakeHold Museum Putty
The Putty that's not so silly - not silly at all!
Safe-T-Proof Tall Storage Cabinet Fastener
No one should ever be afraid of their giant bookshelves.
Safe-T-Proof Tabletop Equipment Fastening System
In the appliance fashion world, these are the accent belts that tie everythin...
Safe-T-Proof Flat Screen TV Monitor Anti-Tip Fastener
Keep that flat screen from becoming a cracked screen.
Safe-T-Proof Standard Refrigerator Earthquake Fastener
Because fridges aren't meant to go for a ride around your home.
SEISMOLATCH ULTRA: Automatic Cabinet Door Earthquake Latches
from $24.95
When the ground rumbles you'll have far less dish tumbles!
SEISMOLATCH ULTRA: Peel-N-Stick Automatic Cabinet Door Earthquake Latches
from $29.95
Latch it up. Latch it in. Why don't you begin to make that kitchen of yours a...
Safety Full Brim Hard Hat
Great for playing "construction" with the kids. Great for cleaning up any aft...
Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet DOT
Regular price $79.00 Sale price$59.99
Leather chaps not necessary. Just helmet up for any incoming twister.
Disaster Relief Wool Blanket
Stay comfy. Stay warm. Stay insulated.
Gas Shut-Off Tool