Northeast Bundle

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Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff 4-in-1 Tool
Shut off gas. Turn off water. Pry open doors. Dig stuff up. You got this.
100-Hour Emergency Candle
Elton John not included.
LED Road Flare (3 Pack)
Behold, road flares from the future.
WaterBrick Water Storage Containers
She's a BPA-free FDA-approved brick house full of water.
See a pond, stream, lake, or river? Suck it up and drink with this!
72-Hour Food Kit Sample Pack
Serving 3-day sustenance realness. And deliciousness.
Mini 4-in-1 Fire Extinguisher
Pretty much the cutest fire extinguisher ever, but this one's definitely a fi...
Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern
Hang it. Light it. Crush it. Use it with the power of the sun.
Survival Whistle Multitool
Not just for pups, coaches, and drill sergeants - also just right for you in ...
Portable Jump Starter & USB Charger
Jump. Light. Charge. What can't this mini-god do!?
Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 Lantern & USB Power Hub
Unassuming style. Off-the-grid versatility.
Reversible Survival Blanket
Put your blanket down, flip it, and reverse it.
Disaster Relief Wool Blanket
Stay comfy. Stay warm. Stay insulated.
12-in-1 Multitool
Multi-cool. Multi-task. Multi-tool. Multi-you get the idea.
Water Storage Kit with Filter
from $99.00
Easy to transport, set-up, store, fill and dispense.
Emergency Food Rations
from $10.00
Calories. Galore.
Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station
Be the (climate) change you wish to see in the world. Go solar.
Ultralight 2 Person Dome Tent
This tent is so fly it's got a removable rain fly.