Hurricane Essentials

With the high incidence of hurricanes in the United States, these weather phenomena have become a part of our culture. Many of us are directly affected, with the entire Atlantic seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Hawaiian Islands in areas of considerable hurricane vulnerability. We have curated a list of products that will help you feel less overwhelmed and more prepared for hurricanes in the future.

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Voyager Classic KA500
Listen for emergency updates. Crank up tunes, power, and confidence.
Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff 4-in-1 Tool
Shut off gas. Turn off water. Pry open doors. Dig stuff up. You got this.
Sold Out
Omeals Self-Heating Portable Meals
No fuel or fire needed. Just magic.
Goal Zero Torch 500
The everything light. Cave torches have come very, very far.
First Aid Core
This little kit can help you save a life.
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Chemical Resistant Waterproof Cleaning Gloves
Made of natural latex, these waterproof protective gloves are incredibly dura...
The Seventy2®
Bag O' magic tools. Backed by experts and novices alike. And it floats!
Safety Goggles
These safety goggles protect you from flying fragments, particulates and even...