Earthquake securing objects

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Safe-T-Proof Tabletop Equipment Fastening System
In the appliance fashion world, these are the accent belts that tie everythin...
Safe-T-Proof Tall Storage Cabinet Fastener
No one should ever be afraid of their giant bookshelves.
Safe-T-Proof Flat Screen TV Monitor Anti-Tip Fastener
Keep that flat screen from becoming a cracked screen.
Safe-T-Proof Standard Refrigerator Earthquake Fastener
Because fridges aren't meant to go for a ride around your home.
SEISMOLATCH ULTRA: Automatic Cabinet Door Earthquake Latches
from $24.95
When the ground rumbles you'll have far less dish tumbles!
SEISMOLATCH ULTRA: Peel-N-Stick Automatic Cabinet Door Earthquake Latches
from $29.95
Latch it up. Latch it in. Why don't you begin to make that kitchen of yours a...
QuakeHold Museum Putty
The Putty that's not so silly - not silly at all!