Stop, Drop, & Show Off That Fancy Fire Extinguisher!

Proof that preparing for uncertainty can be fun

When you think of keeping your home - and more importantly, everyone inside your home - safe, what comes to mind?

A fire, flood, and flurry of images probably come first, and they’re all most likely pretty darn blah or just stressful. Somewhere along the way, readiness has lost its cool, or maybe it never was cool? Because getting ready for uncertainty has so often been associated with dread and reluctance.

You’ve felt it. Begrudgingly roaming the hardware store lost, looking for sandbags for an in-coming hurricane. Roaming aimlessly online for generators in the dark, sick of all those summer and winter power outages. Waiting for a millennium in the longest line known to humankind, holding your tower of toilet paper with a death grip.

Well, here at harbor we’re here to gently remind you that it’s okay to  actually enjoy your readiness journey. 

It’s okay to do a high-octane choreographed tango dance with toilet paper and confetti while you’re in line. It’s okay to get a generator and glow sticks not just for power outages, but also for impromptu silly celebrations of life with friends, family, your kids, and your neighbors. It’s okay to let go of dread and enjoy a li’l bit of happy readiness instead!

Let’s take fire safety, for example. We don’t know who sent out the decades-long memo that fire extinguishers in your home-ready-home always have to look like you’re living inside a fluorescent-lit blank-walled tax office. Life can be more exciting than that.

In other words, it’s okay to add a little flavor, a little color, and dare-we-say FUN to fire safety. Yes, friends, stop, drop, and have some fun putting out that kitchen fire.

Which one is the most you?

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