Say Hello to the Two Way Radio


You’re in the middle of a storm, earthquake, or blackout, and SPLAT! Just like that, your phone breaks. Now what?

How do you call for help, stay up to date with vital information and alerts, and most importantly, reach out to your loved ones?

Turn on your Two Way Radio!

In the age of smart-everything, you might not even know what that is.

Developed during the Second World War, two-way radios are handheld, compact gadgets with extensive range that both transmit and receive radio waves. There is a speaker built into one end, a microphone on the other, and an antenna mounted on the top. It’s main purpose is for one-on-one communication and works by having two or more similar devices tuned into the same channel.

A lot has changed since WWII, and also long gone are the days when two-way radios were reserved just for kids or first responders.

Thanks to emerging technology, now two-way radios have become accessible, affordable, reliable and easy to use, making them a must-have for your emergency communication and preparedness kit.

In fact, the global walkie talkie market is expected to expand considerably in the coming years with some predictions even as high as USD 2.10 billion from 2020-2024 alone. All of this to say, you’re not alone in your desire to amp up your readiness game.

Now, some real talkie...

Before you start thinking you don’t need a two-radio because Siri, Alexa, and Google will solve everything, let’s dig into some common misconceptions: 

During an emergency I’ll just use my phone.”

Yes, phones are an excellent method of communication. However, this is only the case if they are fully charged, have adequate signal strength, and have access to the Internet. During a disaster, it's very common for cell towers and power grids to be negatively impacted - either by physical damage or sudden surges in call volumes from people frantically seeking help or connecting with loved ones.

Take for example, Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Even after the storm, 1 in 4 people’s cell phones were basically useless across 10 states. Five years later during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, not much had changed - many places in Texas lost 95% of cell service.

In other words, cell phones fail us when we need them the most. Thankfully, two-way radios will continue working even if cellphone towers and internet access is impaired.

Ugh, Radios are too expensive!”


Two way radios are significantly more durable and cheaper than your average smartphone. When it comes to your survival, it’s a one time investment that you won’t regret.

Although disasters can be stressful and potentially dangerous, you’ll feel much better knowing you have a reliable form of emergency communication. Plus, who doesn’t love an added layer of fun to playing spies, superheroes, and even hide and seek with the kids?

Well, what are you waiting for? For more tips and tricks on how to use your radio, check out the harbor app today.

Until then, no matter what, don’t worry, be ready - OVER & OUT.