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A Few Reasons Why You Definitely Need A First Aid Kit

A whopping 44% of Americans don’t have a First Aid Kit.

And hey, no one’s suggesting we all need to become doctors, but there are definitely some basic acts of first aid kindness we can all do for ourselves and others, regardless of our background. We can all give a bandaid to our kid. We can offer someone a hand of gauze. We can take some ibuprofen for a headache after fighting all day for a worthy cause. We can even learn how to stop bleeds, bandage wounds, lessen pain, and mend a strain.

Now, you can indeed create your own basic first aid kit using products purchased from a pharmacy, and we’re all about that. DIY the heck out of your life using our customized list in our app! We love that for you.

Though, if you are relatively new to the readiness realm, or simply don’t have much time, or you’re tired of this rhyme, go ahead and get a pre-packaged first aid kit.

Tell me why, ain’t nothing but a First Aid Kit, right?

You’re our greatest hope. After calling 911, the time for EMS to arrive is around 10 to 20 minutes. What’s more, a study commissioned by the British Red Cross found that up to 59% of deaths from injury could have been prevented if first aid was given before EMS arrived. In emergency situations, clearly every second counts. Having a kit at your fingertips can save lives.

Peace of mind. According to the CDC, unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for people ages 1 to 44. Being prepared for an emergency can bring you the simple reassurance that no matter what happens, you have the resources to deal with it right away as best you can.

Everything in one place just in case. Let's face it, first-aid items have a tendency to become first-aid scattered-all-over-our-home-kits. A ready-to-go first-aid kit contains all vital medical products in one easy location without the added frantic searching.

How on-the-go can you go? You can really take a first-aid kit with you anywhere, whether you’re traveling, or living/working in a small space. We recommend keeping one in your home, your car, and your Go Bag. Put them in your friends’ cars too!

All this to say, a bare-bones first aid kit (or "FAK" as we like to call them) is a must-have, but there's always an opportunity to make your FAK a little more life-saving with even more advanced tools and supplies.

These are hands down amazing. Those are the FAKs, folks!

We’ve got FAKs that literally fit inside a water bottle to hitch a ride with you anywhere, and we’ve got not-messing-around FAKs that have literally been assembled by paramedics. We’ve got everything in between too. So wherever you are on your readiness journey, we’ve got a FAK for you!

Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit
Big Boi First-Aid Kit

Big Boi First-Aid Kit


This 48oz Nalgene is branded, customized, and packed to the brim with essential first aid and survival items. Durable enough to lash to a backpack or roll around on the floor boards, yet cool enough to fit in with all of your best outdoor gear. Printed on the back are some of the best first aid and survival tips we have pick up as medical & wilderness professionals. Stop a bleed, light a fire, perform life saving CPR, cut your self out of a refrigerator box you turned into a make-shift raft... we don't know what kind of shenanigans you will get into, but bring your Big Boi Nalgene! 


(1) 48oz Nalgene
(1) Derma-Safe Razor 
(3) Ibuprofen 200mg (x2 pack)
(3) Aspirin 325mg  (x2 pack)
(3) Electrolyte replacement tablet   (x2 pack)
(3) Diotame anti-diarrhea tablet  (x2 pack)
(3) Diphenhydramine 25mg
(2) 4"x4yrd roll gauze
(3) Hydrocortisone cream
(3) Burn cream
(3) Benzocaine oral pain gel packet
(10) Alcohol prep-pad
(2) Anti-septic wipe
(3) Insect sting relief pad
(1) Triangular bandage w/ safety pins
(1) Emergency whistle
(1) Tweezers
(3) Triple antibiotic cream
(5) 2x4" adhesive bandages
(1) 1"x4yrd roll medical tape
(1) CPR Shield
(4) Large exam gloves
(2) 4x4" mole skin adhesive pads
(1) Bic lighter
(2) Fire starter brick

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Some parting FAK tips to ponder while you wander:

  • Consider signing up for a first aid class near you, because one thing is having a FAK, and the other is knowing exactly what to do with it.
  • Inform all your family members about where your kit is located, what it contains, and how everything should be used.
  • Make sure that it’s properly stocked, well maintained when things run out, and that the items didn’t pass the expiration date.
  • Two kits are better than one. Honestly, the more FAKs the better!

No matter what:
don’t worry, be ready.