FYI: We Live in the Future Now


We’re not roaming around in flying cars just yet, but more and more electric cars are on the road. Our lights and appliances can connect to our homes with apps, and we recently witnessed our entire workforce adapt to a pandemic-induced, touchless, completely Zoomed-out world.

The same is true for how we react to natural events. Numbered are the days of old gas-powered thoughts and ideas, and increasing are the days of digital and electronic conveniences and interconnectivity.

Part of amping up readiness for the unexpected is learning new tricks and tips, and part of it is simply gearing up with the right cool tools. We’ve got both for ya.

#1. With gas-free power stations, say bye-bye to fear of carbon monoxide poisoning, and say hello to modern power.

One common very serious no-no with gas-powered generators is using them anywhere near where you live and breathe.

You have to keep them at least 20 feet away from your home, and usually under some kind of well-ventilated structure to make sure that inclement weather doesn’t mess with them. That’s always been the annoying irony of generators; you often have to place them right under the very inclement weather that most likely caused your need for them in the first place.

Plus, with many of us living in condos and apartments in large urban centers these days, keeping a generator 20 feet from the home simply isn’t an option. With power stations, however, you can keep them inside your space, and many are just as heavy-duty and powerful as their gas-powered siblings.

This alpha beast, for instance, can power 13 devices simultaneously, including most home appliances and heavy-duty tools.

So, hypothetically, let’s say your power goes out some time in 2021. If you want to keep your fridge on, dry your hair, make an espresso, watch TV, make some toast, and charge your phone - all at the same time, while singing your favorite Spice Girls song for a bit of nostalgia - this is the power station for you!

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#2. In our increasingly-connected, device-laden lives, power stations ensure you can stay connected through anything.

When a winter storm freezes up utilities, a heat wave overloads the power grid, or a hurricane devastates an entire region, power literally decreases as uncertainty increases.

Perhaps you’re just concerned about being able to keep your laptop and phone powered up along with some other essential, smaller electronic devices in case the city’s power grid clunks out for a few hours like it did plenty of times in 2020.

Just leave this one out in the sun (when you get the solar-panel attachment too), and you’ll be able to stay connected to that Netflix special, that Zoom call with 30 of your colleagues, or that never-ending text stream debate with your mother-in-law about the best way to make keto cookies.

Oh, and this one’s great for a weekend getaway of camping when you want to reconnect with nature with your friends and family.

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