But First, Car Safety

The Top 10 items you need in your car for roadside emergencies

Parents (and especially moms-to-be eating for two) need a well-earned break from cooking sometimes! So yeah, a quick drive to the drive-through for a hot drink or a grotesquely delicious burger and fries can sometimes be crucial to one’s well-being.

When we’re in that state of ecstatic ravenousness, the last thing we want to think about when hopping into the car is: What do I need if my car breaks down?

But this stuff happens. Burgers and fries happen. Life happens. Emergencies happen - a breakdown is actually likely to happen to us 4 times in one lifetime! In fact, the AAA responds to more than 32 million calls for roadside assistance, every year. Whoa!

Good news though; we’ve got you covered.

But First, Some Tips for You

Here’s what to do if the unexpected happens while driving:

Call 911 if you break down or are in an accident. If your phone is not working or you’re out of service, we highly recommend having this radio on hand and using the universal emergency channel: 16 (156.800).

If you pop a tire, risk your rims, not your life. Risk ruining the rims of your car and drive off of the freeway into a well lit area as soon as possible. This is much safer than pulling to the side of the freeway, or worse, staying stuck in that freeway lane!

If you’re stuck in a shopping center, talk to employees before strangers. If you’re in a parking lot and your battery has just died, we recommend running inside and asking a worker or uniformed security personnel for help instead of a random stranger in the parking lot.

Broken down and alone? Call for professional help, and then call a loved one. Remember to keep a loved one on the phone with you until help arrives. Once help arrives, we recommend having your loved one meet you or stay on the phone with you until you feel safe.

And now, Let’s get ready.

The following handy-dandy list consists of what you would need most (and why) in case an accident or breakdown happens.

1. Jumper Cables

It happens to all of us! Sometimes we leave the car door open too long or a light gets left on while we run into the store and then, wammmp wammmp, our car won’t start. It’s great to be prepared with jumper cables so you can charge your battery quickly with the assistance of another person’s car. 

2. Water

Having extra water on hand is great if you’re stuck for a while and want to avoid dehydration, but it’s also useful for pouring into your radiator should your car get overheated. Remember to never pour water directly ON your car engine or it will crack. 

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3. Thick Blanket

Not just for keeping warm or comforting a scared child, blankets are also nice if you have to lay down to fix something underneath the car too. They’re a must-have if you live anywhere that has winter storms or tornadoes. We recommend having at least two on hand. 

Emergency Blanket
Emergency Blanket

Emergency Blanket


This 60% wool blanket is used for worldwide disaster relief efforts. It is thick enough to provide heat and is fire resistant.

The blanket is 62 x 80, making it large enough for two people (or more). Perfect in any situation where warmth is necessary. Keep with you during outdoor adventures, packed in your car for emergency use and in your home in the event of a power outage. 

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4. Protein Bars or Nuts

Stuck for a few hours and still waiting for help? Be hangry no more! Protein bars and nuts fill you up, hold up pretty well (meaning you can leave them in your car and forget about them), and have balanced protein + healthy fats, minimal sugar.

5. Radio

Maybe you’re driving in the middle of a crazy storm, flood, or earthquake and your car breaks down. Use your radio as another means to stay up-to-date with emergency alerts. Remember, channel 16 (156.800) is the universal channel for help. This radio is NOAA enabled too, and you’ll never need batteries because this one uses a crank. 

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6. Portable Solar-powered Phone Charger

You can’t always rely on your car’s battery to help you charge your phone. Yes, both your car battery and your phone battery can die at the same time. Not so fun. With this, you’ll always be able to charge your phone up to call for help. Also doubles as a flashlight!

Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light

Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light


This wireless solar charger is rugged and dependable, perfect for emergencies, natural disasters and power outages. It's waterproof too. Any time you're outdoors and need to charge your devices or gear, you'll want a powerful device like this. The best part of charging is that 2 of the 3 USB ports on this device are fast chargers, so you won't have to sit around and wait for hours. Or, set your device or cell phone on the wireless charging surface!


  • Powerful Battery - 20,000 mAh lithium-ion battery that will charge standard cell phones up to four times. The battery has gone through rigorous testing to ensure durability
  • Built to Last - Carefully crafted with a premium silicon protective case - a durable build with side grips that makes it easy to hold or use the carabiner hook clip - waterproof and shockproof 
  • Charge on the Go - 3 USB Cable Outputs, Outport: 5V 1A/2.1A; Input DC 5V/1A
  • Fast Charging - Micro-USB input to charge + Solar Panel, charge and discharge more than 800 times; include a 4-stage power-level indicator; recharges in 60-90 by wall outlet
  • Solar Panel & Wireless - Cut the cord - use the sun and recharge your devices on the wireless pad; compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC
  • LED Bank of Lights - Hold on/off button to turn on a bright panel of LED lights with three settings: low, medium, high
  • Dimensions -  2.7" x 0.7" x 5.7" and weighs 1.55 pounds 
  • What's in the Box - Wireless Solar PowerBank Charging Unit,  micro-USB cord, manual

The solar panel with this unit is primarily intended to power your LED flashlight. A couple hours of intense sunlight equals a couple hours of LED flashlight power. Although the power bank will charge via solar panel, that is not the primary intent on having the solar panel. The conversion rate for this size of solar panel under optimal, full sun conditions is 550 mAh per hour. It would take on average about 40 hours to fully recharge the 20,000 mAh battery once the sun's rays are intense enough to reach the maximum conversion rate. On a full battery, the LED flashlight can last up to 72 hour. It is recommended to have this unit standing by, fully charged by by an electrical outlet, ready for use during emergencies.   

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7. Headlamp

These are of course for night time to help you see when you’re stuck on the side of the road in the middle of frickin’ nowhere, but they also to help you see what’s up with your car if needed i.e. popping that engine hood and tinkering away to solve the problem yourself.

Motion Sensor LED Headlamp
Motion Sensor LED Headlamp
Motion Sensor LED Headlamp
Motion Sensor LED Headlamp

Motion Sensor LED Headlamp


A head lamp is a lifesaving tool when you need both light and your hands. When your hands are full, turning the headlamp on can be an issue. Not anymore. This headlamp has a motion sensor, all you have to do is wave your hand in front of it to turn it off and on. In addition to being completely hands free, this head lamp takes advantage of CREE technology, and only takes 3 AAA batteries. There are even different light settings to help you in nearly any situation!

  • Motion Sensor: sometimes your hands are not free, and this can lead to a dangerous situation if you are in need of lighting. A headlamp is great, but you still need to turn them on. This headlamp comes with a motion sensor. And if the motion sensor isn’t needed, then there is an on/off switch.
  • Toggle Switch: this head lamp has four different settings; CREE LED, red LED, flashing red lights, and off.
  • Swivels: this headlamp has the capability of moving up and down 90 degrees! This allows for greater visual capacity without being an inconvenience to you.
  • AAA Batteries: don't be bothered with CREE lights that take special batteries. Our Emergency Zone CREE LED headlamp takes 3 AAA batteries.
  • Adjustable Size: this head lamp is a one size fits most, as it is adjustable.
  • Weight: 7.4 oz
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8. First Aid Kit

We love this first aid kit because it’s tiny enough to fit in your car to address any roadside injuries, but it’s also not-messing-around. Meaning, it’s totally legit. It was assembled by working paramedics and critical care nurses!

First Aid Flask
First Aid Flask
First Aid Flask
First Aid Flask

First Aid Flask


Water bottle + First aid kit: the only combo better than this one is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! The First Aid Flask is highly durable, and can make it through most high-impact situations - whether that be a college dorm room, rolling around on a truck bed, or tossed around on a football field. You name it, it can take it. Take it with you anywhere for emergency situations and emergency hydration. Plus, printed on the back are some of the best first aid and survival tips we've picked up from our medical and wilderness professional friends. This water bottle is not messing around; it might just save your life.

Packed inside: 

  1. Derma-Safe Razor 
  2. Ibuprofen 200mg (x2 pack)
  3. Aspirin 325mg   (x2 pack)
  4. Electrolyte replacement tablet    (x2 pack)
  5. Diotame anti-diarrhea tablet   (x2 pack)
  6. Diphenhydramine 25mg
  7. 4"x4yrd roll gauze
  8. Hydrocortisone cream
  9. Burn cream
  10. Benzocaine oral pain gel packet
  11. Alcohol prep-pad
  12. (Anti-septic wipe
  13. Insect sting relief pad
  14. Triangular bandage w/ safety pins
  15. Emergency whistle
  16. Tweezers
  17. (Triple antibiotic cream
  18. 2x4" adhesive bandages
  19. (1"x4yrd roll medical tape
  20. CPR Shield
  21. Large exam gloves
  22. 4x4" mole skin adhesive pads
  23. Lighter
  24. Fire starter brick
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9. Flares or Reflective Triangles

Growing up, no one told of the importance of having flares or reflective triangles in our car, but they should have! Simply put, these let other cars (or emergency responders) see you better, which is always safer. They’re LED, battery powered, and can be seen from a mile away.

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10. Multipurpose Tool

Multipurpose tools can help with minor fixes to your car, and minor injuries too. This one’s a no-brainer and a great gift idea too!

12-in-1 Multitool
12-in-1 Multitool

12-in-1 Multitool


Are you in need of a great, lightweight, pocket-sized stainless steel tool? Not only is our 12-in-1 Multitool convenient, but it is also easy to store. This versatile tool is designed to both help you out of sticky situations, and help your daily life run smoother.

Including a case with clasping snap, this tool can attach to your belt or slide into any pocket easily.

The tool has 12 functions including:

  • long-nose pliers
  • wire stripper
  • cutter
  • can opener
  • phillips head screwdriver
  • fish scaler
  • hook dislodger
  • ruler
  • file
  • knife
  • small knife
  • bottle opener
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