5 Ways To Ring in the New Year with Readiness

To say that 2020 has been a “crazy fiery whirlwind inside of a dumpster fire of uncertainty” would be the understatement of the decade.

In addition to the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also seen extreme weather events such as wildfires, heatwaves, hurricanes, winter storms, floods, and tornadoes all bring the nation to a standstill. The world has, in many ways, stopped. Or maybe popped. Or maybe we’re all just tired?

Hindsight is 2021.

Imagine what we would have done differently if we knew then —1 year ago— what we know now.

As we say goodbye to this wonky year forever and take its lessons with us, here are 5 simple things that you and your family can do to enter the new year in full readiness style, ready to face uncertainty with calm.

1. Prepare your Go Bag for every family member.

As you may have experienced in a hurricane or wildfire this year, sometimes you gotta get up and just go! No time for packing, just leaving. Behold, the Go Bag. It's a collection of all the emergency essentials you would need to survive for at least 3 days.

Good news! In 2020, Americans were slightly more likely to keep a bag packed with emergency supplies in their house compared to 2019, increasing from 27% to 29%. So, Go You!

You can assemble your own Go Bag using our customized list in our app or if you are relatively new to the readiness realm, or simply don’t have much time, we’ve got some great options for you:

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#2. Safeguard your precious documents.

Maybe you’ve been through a literal or figurative tornado this year, an actual wildfire, or just had to quickly get to the hospital. If so, you probably realized that sometimes you’ve only got seconds or minutes to react. In those critical moments, your family’s safety of course comes first.

In other words, you shouldn’t be frantically running around looking for vital documents! In 2020, only 35.4% of Americans reported having stored copies of important documents and contact information online or in a safe (waterproof) place. We can definitely do better than that.

To amp up that percentage this next year, here’s what we can do. Prepare and make copies of these four main types of documents:

Family: This includes IDs and all that good stuff like birth certificates, marriage/divorce papers, social security cards, and passports.

Financial: You'll want to make sure you have copies of things like tax information, financial account numbers, income verification, and insurance papers.

Legal: This would be your wills, power of attorney, trusts, title & deeds, citizenship, or immigration papers.

Medical: This includes insurance papers, immunizations, allergy information, and current prescriptions you or your family members are taking.

Once you’ve collected all of your documents, these can help you safeguard all that good stuff:

Level up with harbor and go digital.

For even more convenience and better security, store all your vital documents using the harbor app to keep everything tidy, always-accessible, and safe from cyber-attack. Once you download the app, check out the digital documents tool!

We use bank-level encryption so that you can keep everything you need protected just-in-case, all in one place!

#3. Stay alert and connected.

In times of heightened uncertainty, the queen of reliable updates - the radio - always comes into play for trusted sources of information and community connection.

In fact, a recent Nielsen survey found that 83% of consumers say they’re listening to as much or more radio this year as they were before the pandemic. Plus, 60% held the radio in high regard and trust in delivering timely information about the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Let’s continue to stay alert and connected next year. Here are our top picks!

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9-in-one LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
9-in-one LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
9-in-one LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
9-in-one LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight

9-in-one LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight


This multi-function flashlight is a flashlight on steroids. When everyone else is clamoring around for candles or stored away flashlights, you’ll have the power of this 9-in-one Multi-Function LED Solar Rechargeable Flashlight. 

Solar flashlights offer you freedom from the endless cost and inconvenience of battery changes. This innovative technology puts the power of the sun to work for you, capturing the energy of the sun using a solar panel and storing it in an integral, rechargeable battery designed to last for years.

Features of the 9-in-1 Flashlight:

  • Ultra bright LED flashlight
  • Power bank to charge other devices or batteries
  • Red SOS light and strobe
  • Room work light
  • Seat belt / rope cutter
  • Glass breaking hammer for car windows
  • Detachable compass
  • Magnet to attach to your vehicle or other metal surface
  • Shipping weight of 1.05 pounds
  • Flashlight is 9.0” long x 2.5” wide
  • High-quality, aluminum construction
  • Diamond-thread, anti-slip handle
  • Adjustable wrist strap for night use
  • Ships in a sturdy 10 x 5.5 inch box
  • 3.7V Cylindrical Lithium Ion cell

With a 2,000 mAh battery you can recharge it thousands of times by using the sun, or fast charge it using the USB cable. When charging at 2 amps it will take 1 hour and 4 amps takes 30 minutes. The solar panel is 50 mAH. 200 lumens so you have some extra light, as most bulbs are 60.

This item weighs 10.9 ounces.

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#4. Keep focusing on your own power.

During this wild, wild year of temptation to fear, many homes were tested with seemingly apocalyptic levels of power outages.

California electricity providers cut power to more than 85,000 homes and businesses during the Thanksgiving holiday as strong winds raised the risk of wildfires. Then there was Tropical Storm Isaias leaving more than two million people without power on the East Coast, and the list of power-related failures goes on . . . .

The good thing is, we can do our best to prepare for the next outage so we’re not left in the dark again. We can easily stock up on batteries, flashlights, solar-powered power banks, and portable generators so that no matter how long the power is out, you and your family can still feel powerful.

Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light
Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light

Wireless Solar PowerBank Charger & LED Light


This wireless solar charger is rugged and dependable, perfect for emergencies, natural disasters and power outages. It's waterproof too. Any time you're outdoors and need to charge your devices or gear, you'll want a powerful device like this. The best part of charging is that 2 of the 3 USB ports on this device are fast chargers, so you won't have to sit around and wait for hours. Or, set your device or cell phone on the wireless charging surface!


  • Powerful Battery - 20,000 mAh lithium-ion battery that will charge standard cell phones up to four times. The battery has gone through rigorous testing to ensure durability
  • Built to Last - Carefully crafted with a premium silicon protective case - a durable build with side grips that makes it easy to hold or use the carabiner hook clip - waterproof and shockproof 
  • Charge on the Go - 3 USB Cable Outputs, Outport: 5V 1A/2.1A; Input DC 5V/1A
  • Fast Charging - Micro-USB input to charge + Solar Panel, charge and discharge more than 800 times; include a 4-stage power-level indicator; recharges in 60-90 by wall outlet
  • Solar Panel & Wireless - Cut the cord - use the sun and recharge your devices on the wireless pad; compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC
  • LED Bank of Lights - Hold on/off button to turn on a bright panel of LED lights with three settings: low, medium, high
  • Dimensions -  2.7" x 0.7" x 5.7" and weighs 1.55 pounds 
  • What's in the Box - Wireless Solar PowerBank Charging Unit,  micro-USB cord, manual

The solar panel with this unit is primarily intended to power your LED flashlight. A couple hours of intense sunlight equals a couple hours of LED flashlight power. Although the power bank will charge via solar panel, that is not the primary intent on having the solar panel. The conversion rate for this size of solar panel under optimal, full sun conditions is 550 mAh per hour. It would take on average about 40 hours to fully recharge the 20,000 mAh battery once the sun's rays are intense enough to reach the maximum conversion rate. On a full battery, the LED flashlight can last up to 72 hour. It is recommended to have this unit standing by, fully charged by by an electrical outlet, ready for use during emergencies.   

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Dynamo Radio Flashlight
Dynamo Radio Flashlight
Dynamo Radio Flashlight
Dynamo Radio Flashlight
Dynamo Radio Flashlight

Dynamo Radio Flashlight


Making good decisions in an emergency can drastically impact your chance of survival and safety. This Emergency Zone 4-in-1 Emergency Flashlight not only provides plenty of light, but it does not need batteries. Weighs 13.3 oz. 


  • Switch between high (3 LEDs) and low (1 LED) to use power only when you need it
  • Crank to recharge - 1 min of cranking (1.5 rotations/minute) give you 1.5 hrs on low and 30 mins on high
  • Bright yellow exterior helps you find your flashlight easier in the dark

AM/FM Radio:

  • Get critical updates in an emergency with the built-in AM/FM radio
  • Adjust the volume for perfect volume
  • Headphone jack available for plugging in earphones and headphones
  • Siren function for getting help in an emergency
  • Telescopic antenna for better signal reception


  • Charge your devices via USB
  • USB adapter included
  • Phone adapter NOT included

Panic Alarm:

  • Panic function for getting help in an emergency
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#5. Know your risk and have fun preparing for it!

If you haven’t already dabbled with what reimagined readiness looks like, download the harbor app, spend just a few minutes a day with us, and you’ll be plenty of steps ahead of most Americans.

When the world stops, You propel us forward.

At harbor, we’ve set out to reimagine readiness and make preparing for uncertainty as normal as brushing your teeth. Easy. Normal. Every day. Maybe it even feels good. And we’ll continue to be your readiness best friend as preparing for uncertainty becomes more and more normalized.

No matter what happens during the course of a year, what makes us feel good is seeing you grow. FEMA‘s annual National Household Survey found that 68% of adults have pursued three or more of the six basic preparedness actions— a 6% increase from 2019!
Even more exciting? Thousands of you have downloaded our app to embark on or simply continue your readiness journey. That’s pretty frickin’ amazing.

With that, we’ll leave you with this:

no matter what, don’t worry, be ready.